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Surfing Europe hiding for Corona in Beliche…

Winter swells in Beliche.

With winter upon us and big swells hitting our beautiful coastline non-stop, it is time to surf. Well honestly in this crazy part of Portugal we seem to be able to surf 360 days a year. But it seems that the real picture perfect waves seem to roll in right now. Book a surfguide and we know where to find the best waves for your level.

Europe hiding for Corona,

Oktober and November are always favorable months for surfing tourists to come (down) to the Algarve. While it’s getting winter up north, Portugal has often a little indian summer going on. And even if it showers for a day:

´It is always better than in Germany ´

Boogieboarder about to go upside down at beliche.

While COVID still has the world on a strong hold, the Algarve seems to get away with very low numbers of infected people. (what seems to be a miracle.) So, no surprise that with France & Spain on Lock (and think about other further destinations like Indo etc.) All the people that cán still travel almost automatically end up in the Algarve. And that sometimes result in a little busier line ups than ´normal´- Obviously when you take a surfguide & are willing to wake up a little on time, there is always an empty peak to find.

And if the empty peak has waves like this…who cares to wake up early.
Surfguide algarve stalling to hide…

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