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Surfguide to a private Algarve wavepool

Surfguide mission, a tribute to the natural wave

As every place in the world seem to own a wavepool now, we just surf in the ocean. The ocean where waves get generated thousands of miles away. Travel all the way to our coastline, to release their energy on the sandbar or reef. All just so that we can paddle in and perform as good as we can on those last few meters of this waves life. Surfing a real wave is like a tribute to the natural wave. It is and always will be a surprise what you will find. The perfect wave will always be slightly different (or never the same) and local knowledge is key. (so book a surfguide mission ;))

Early morning private beach with Surfguide Algarve.

Wavepool style waves,

In Portugal, Algarve we have mostly beach breaks- Just like the rest of the world really. Beach breaks have the funny habbit to change all the time. Especially in this time of year with big swells, sometimes a good rain shower. The sand is constantly in motion. Have a good session today? Perfect, this can all be different tomorrow.
But today we score a real algarve wavepool with the surfguide mission.

Our surfguide guest cutting back on a beautiful left hand wave.
while mr. surfguide algarve himself going right.

With just the 3 of us in the line-up it is already special. But with waves like this…

´this was by far my best session in 5 weeks in Portugal´

The two surfgirls spend 4 weeks in Peniche and Ericeira where the level of surfing is really high. That does not mean the level down here in the Algarve is low. But over there it does seem that a lot of guys (and girls) have stickers on their boards, and not just for decoration. Add to this that the waves are really easy to find and the take-off spaces usually pretty narrow. You do not stand a chance as a holiday surfer from northern europe. Sorry to break it if you are planning your trip through portugal. The Algarve often has a lot less ´world-class´ conditions. Suitable for the more average joe.

Algarve perfect average joe wave
Surfguide guest speedflowing right.

Not every day we are lucky to have missis surfguide-plus1 with us on the adventure. If we do there is times that we come back with a full memory card of pictures. It really is amazing to have a few shots of your surfing and obviously we can ask one of our pro photographer friends to shoot you. But this way is a lot more low-key and just sharing the stoke and love for surfing.

And be honest: she has a real good eye for it doesn´t she?
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