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focus on surf technique in Tonel

Surfguide is no surfcoach,

Just for the record, again, before reading any further. I do not know how you ended up reading this blog so here a quick reminder: Surfguide Algarve is not a surf coach, instructor or any of that. But as we speak, we have a friend over who happens to be exactly all of that. So with a surfguide session done in the morning and a little bit of gas left in the tank for a second session. It is time to focus on surf technique. Destination: Tonel.

Here is our friend, owner of beach break. And, although a real boss, still one of the most stoked surfers you will meet on the beach.

Time for turns

So after a really well deserved lunch, session two. Flip the coin to see who would surf first and the other dude holding the camera. (a canon where you likely shoot people on he moon with) The morning hollow and fast. Now time for turns:

and this is mr. surfguide algarve his first wave.
I guess you can learn something from barrels too.

Tonel slalom surf

Afternoon surf in corona times half november Algarve. Warm water, nice sunshine, perfect waves. O, and did I mention that it is possibly one of the only available surf destination in the world right now? Well, it is. And obviously the line up is a little busy at times.

But even on a busy afternoon you can find a wave for yourself.
Nice cutback at Tonel Sagres
A goofy foother will always find a good left.
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