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surf happiness for sale in beliche


Surf happiness for sale

´You can’t buy happiness, but you can buy a surfboard and that is nearly the same thing´A very famous (and true) line from surfshops. And than, with that surfboard under your arm, you go look for the perfect wave. If you are still at home, read on and book your holiday after this. If you’re already in Portugal, that’s a good start. There is many waves around to shake up your happiness a bit. But the easiest way is to call Surfguide Algarve and make sure you are on the best waves at the best time. Todays surf adventure ends up in Beliche.

The perfect wave in beliche.

No one will ever believe you

It seems like everyone surfs. Or everyone has surfed. Or at least everyone seems to have a pretty good understanding of what surfing should look like. It also seems that there are more and more surfers from places that have no sea at all. Partly to surfive (you sea my word joke here?) the long period you will have to miss the ocean and the waves. And partly to share on not-so-social media. It is amazing to have a few good surf photos of yourself in action. If you just come home with a wetsuit tan line on your neck and hands. How do you explain someone back home how much fun your surf trip has been?

True happy smile of a surfer paddling back after his wave.

Of course you can shoot some amazing pictures with your not-so-smart-phone. But I am having a hard time believing you really capture anything worth sharing if you make a s(w)elfie.

Our surfguide guest dropping in on a left hand wave in Beliche.

Surf Photographer

Obviously you surf to feel free. You surf to be in the moment. You surf to feel the adrenaline, the elements, the salt water, even for the sand. The exercise, the relief, the joy of surfing can be captured in many words. But a photo does a far better job. Especially when it is shot by our friend who happens to be a famous surf photographer, Massimo Pardini.

Can we agree that here that this smile is worth more than any money in the world?
Surfguide Algarve guest & Massimo surf photography, the golden combination.

Book your guided surf sessions now and we will together choose the best day to jump in together with Massimo. You will not regret.

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