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Pre-christmas surf vibes in porto de mos


Surf vibes all year round

Sure, I hear you thinking. You guys have surf vibes all year around. What’s different in pre-christmas december? Well, quite a lot really. We are still in sort of a crisis situation on the covid-side of things. That doesn’t mean we can not surf. By the looks of things there are still plenty of people that will be happy to spend a few days in quarantine after their surf holiday. In theory the covid situation does not change our day-to-day surf lifes too much. A little less hugging and kissing and a little more protection masks when entering a place for an after surf coffee. But would you consider a few days lockdown for this view in Porto de Mos?

Walking to the pot of surf gold on Porto de Mos

Barrels or hang tens?

Do you like heavy take offs or you prefer a mellow crumbly wave? Surfguide Algarve will always try to get you to the best waves for you level of surfing. Your preference of waves is important too!

fast barrel somewhere in the Algarve.
mellow righhand wave at Porto de Mos – get your toes on that nose!

At the right spot at the right time

Yeah yeah, you have seen that slogan a few times before. But it makes us stoked every time it happens. When you get changed in a wet wetsuit on a cold parking. Wax down your board while most other are still sleeping or maybe sippin on their morning coffee. The early bird catches the best waves:

Porto de mos surf – as good as it gets
Stoked and tired after a long morning of epic surf.
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