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What does surfing zavial mean to you


surfguide mission

What does surfing mean to you? If you sit there in the water, waiting for a set. You look around you and you see at least a few others dedicated enough. Dedicated to stand up early. Also Dedicated to drive to the (right) surf spot. Dedicated to get in a rubber suit. Swim in a pretty cold ocean. And dedicated to wait for that ‘one wave’. Often it really takes not more (but also not less) than one good wave to make a session. Today’s mission ends up in Zavial.

Joining the surfguide algarve trip often involves waking up early.
swell lines rolling in.

In or out of your comfort zone?

The reason why you surf can be different for all surfers. For some surfing means a little escape from day-to-day life. It does not necessarily need to be epic conditions to fulfill this goal. The ocean is always wet and salty and as long as there is something to stand up on, this goal is pretty quickly reached. For many surfing also means challenging yourself. It is you and the elements. Are you really able to stand up on that piece of foam on that (big) wave? With surfguide algarve you will at least know you are at the right spot for your level of surfing.

What for you looks like a small wave is the biggest achievement for the other!

Especially in Zavial the waves can look pretty intimidating. The one moment you are floating super peacefully and the next moment you see thick lines approaching on the horizon. We all know how easy it is to paddle far out and let the set pass you. It takes dedication to turn your board and stroke hard to get that ‘one wave’.

perfect small wave on zavial

wave of the day

In Hawaii, they are competing for ‘ wave of the winter’. The rest of the world just tries to get the wave of the day. (Although I am pretty sure our guest on the yellow board felt like she was on the best wave of the day every time.) It is a matter of perspective right?

would you fit in this little tube?
Our friend Rachel (sunrays) getting the wave of the day on her green foamy.
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