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Patience pays off at beliche surf


Have patience surfer boy

Go surf, they say, it will be fun, they say. And, to be fair, it is. But with all the things you have to go trough. I sometimes wonder if there is no other thing we can do that is easier to practice. Always in search for the perfect conditions. With the help of the different forecast models you would think the life of a surfer would be a little bit easier. You can´t be more wrong. While magic seaweed has clearly been playing cards with windguru, the surfline says his own version of the swell thats arriving. And in the end you are back on the same thing we relied on post-internet: The eyeball report. One thing that does change every day but is very exactly forecasted is the tide. And the tide is not in our favor today. But with a little waiting patience pays off at our surf in beliche today.

some smoothstar- surfskate fun as a pre-surf activity in our front yard.

You need a little luck sometimes

Waiting for the tide means more than just a little delay in the morning. It also means all the not-so-dedicated surfers will be there. Normally they rock up after their slow morning routine, breakfast- second coffee, third toilet- around 11. By that time the wind often is turned onshore and we have two hours of surf in our arms. Ready for our own second coffee. But you need a little luck sometimes, also in surfing. So that is what we got today. The line up from beliche is normally pretty full but for no real reason I can think off, only a few people surfing.

That means more waves for us! Our surfguide surfgirl on a nice right hand wave at beliche.
a nice drop from our other surfguide guest, would you take the left or the right?

With a nice sunny morning and many waves for everyone the surf is just epic. With no arms left at all and hollow bellies ended the beliche surf with the always pleasant stairs back up.

beliche surf beach sagres.
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