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Ho-Ho-Hooray for sunny surf at porto de mos


Sunny surf

If you read this story on a rainy grey evening somewhere north from us. Guessing Germany, England or the Netherlands, you probably won’t fully understand the problem. What you mean, hooray for sunny surf, isn’t it always sunny in the Algarve? Well it kind of is. But once it isn’t you also see how much we really need the sun. Not even the houses being built today have any form of insulation. The only working heating is inside a rental car. There are lines of people in front of the laundry places to dry their clothes. Two days of grey sky with a few drops of rain and the Algarve is disrupted. So with Christmas coming in hot, we say Ho-Ho-Hooray for a sunny surf at Porto de Mos Lagos this morning.

Coffee with sea-surf view. Does it get better than this?

Good waves

Of course we care more about the waves than the sun. But with only our crew of 3 in the line-up for the whole session and super fun waves. I think you could say it was a good surf! Lagos can be so good:

Porto de mos wave
front row seat for fun surf:
Mr. Surfguide Algarve and guest – Double shaka.
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