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Big swell, broken boards, and good vibes at Zavial


Winter waves

There is no need to tell you the winter in the Algarve is a surfers paradise. That is if you are a little flexible in the kind of waves you like to surf. Big swell does not automatically mean good waves. It can mean broken surfboards for example. Or closing out beaches. Or very limited choice in surfable beaches with packed line ups. resulting in not so good vibes. Lucky we get super fun surf at Zavial and we bring our own good vibes.

a few days before christmas this dude gets his presents early.

Dreaming of a white Christmas,

But than algarve style. We don’t like the cold. Not a wet wetsuit in the morning. And for sure not in the form of frozen liquid. (That does not mean we do not enjoy to snowboard, but its cold. Just saying.) Lucky for us the Algarve does not get snow on a very regular base. Although it feels very cold in the morning, when the sun gets up we get away with t-shirts and flip flops. Five days before christmas… Oh, and did I mention the waves are on fire?

surfguide algarve on zavial point as the sun comes up.

Offshore for days

We discussed what you would wish for christmas as a surfer. Good waves, swell, no crowds. And offshore wind! You think this is a big wave? While we surf Zavial our buddy who started guiding with us about 3 years ago and now lives here. (and sometimes makes his own choices where when to surf.) Broke his board on probably a wave double this size. Hands down for trying.

No picture of the moment, but this is second best.
empty wave at Zavial. Left or Right?

What to do when the tide is wrong and you have some stoke left? You could chill, watch a surf movie, get some food to refuel and surf again. That, or, you can work on your technique a little and take the smoothstar surfskate for a spin. Burned legs in 30 minutes guaranteed.
Hopefully it helps in tomorrows surfguide adventure.

surfskate session in the backyard. At vila do bispo (pimp city)
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