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Christmas surf at Castelejo


Christmas surf,

All I want for Christmas is you. An offshore empty line-up with an easy channel. Fun size waves, some sunshine, and last but not least: good company to share all this. This Christmas we do it differently. Today we surf Castelejo.

christmas madness at Castelejo beach.
Castelejo Christmas Surf.

Dream session,

What better way to burn the Moet Chandon out of your system than a good surf? Festive days and all, but personally the party dinners taste even better when there is a good paddle before that. Not expecting to find the beach completely empty this sunny morning. Christmas-hats on and go!

The easiest paddle in the world, if you have a surf guide to explain how things work 😉

Surfguiding never really feels like a job. Obviously there are better and less good sessions. But honestly, the worst surf ever is still better than sitting down in a dark office. And guiding on Christmas? Sure, why not? Let’s Go!

Surfguide couple, christmas edition.
closing this one out with a good last turn.
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