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Empty perfect waves, cold beers, and medronho at Beliche


Surf Sagres,

We all want perfect waves. And more than that, we all want empty perfect waves. First you need to know where to find them. And second, you need to be a little lucky. With two keen (German) surfguide guests this morning everything comes together. Leaving nice and early, hoping the water feels a little warmer than our wet wetsuits. With no one on the road, Beliche is a few minute drive. As the sun comes up behind us as we watch the swell roll in we know we score. Stoked!

Our guest taking the cold very serious and is rather safe than sorry. He is on a nice left do…
Surfguide Algarve guest dropping in right!

Perfect empty waves

Beliche not known for the length of her rides. But for sure for the intensity of the waves. Known as a ‘slab’ – swell coming from deep water into very shallow pushing the wave very steep. Barrels on this spot are no exception, even if it is small like today. Here is a 9 foto sequence shot by the 37 week pregnant miss surfguide Algarve. The drop goes according to plan. The stall for the split second sort-of cover- backside barrel impression goes sort of ok. And what happens next goes not according to plan at all.

After surf chill,

We surf until we have so much sand everywhere it is almost illegal. The sun does her thing and the beach fills up with surfers. The magic private session is over and it is time to find a spot to warm up. Mais um than… (one more)

would you have made it in the tube?
now time to turn on the heater.
As we walk into Sagres all the bars and coffee places seem still closed. This one did put two full beers in front to welcome the guests.
After surf breakfast with a view. And a natural heating. sunshine baby!!!
This is how you warm up German Style keeping it Portuguese by ordering the local ‘snhaps’. Medronho.
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