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Celebrating Newyear with surf in Tonel


Newyear celebrations,

Celebrating newyears eve will be a little different this year for most of us. A little extra different if you have a 37 week big pregnant belly. Where 2020 is proven to be a challenging year. For Surfguide Algarve its been a very fun year. The people that make the afford to travel trough all the Covid restrictions get rewarded with good surf. We wanted to celebrate a good year full of good vibes, fun surf and epic people. We can not think to do that at a better location than at the Hangout in Sagres. The spot where we end up most of the time after our surf missions (if we are in the region.) With a good forecast for a surf in Tonel the next day this seems like the perfect plan celebrating newyear.

The service is always good here, but this night we really get treated like king and queen. The food is 5 stars and so is the hospitality and company.

Fireworks in lockdown times

We create our own fireworks every day in the ocean. But this year we don’t expect actual fireworks. Especially because there is a night clock. We all have to be indoors at 23:00. No bars are open, no parties allowed. (This is all in line with our plans you see?) But as we walk back from buying some children champagne at Lidl, we see something interesting. There is a guy connecting stuff that really looks like firework. In my best Portuguese I ask the good man what the plans are. He replies that they will shoot the fireworks at midnight. But there is a night clock, we all have to be inside?

”I guess you can see it from your window, I don’t know, I’m just doing my job”

fireworks guy in orange safety vest.
A few hours later: Happy new year!!! / Feliz ano novo!!

New Year surf

There is no better way than start the new year with a fun surf. And fun it is! With two hard-core (returning) guests we set off early. After a short drive around we score amazing fun waves. Tonel in Sagres looks amazing. Super stoked to celebrate the festive day in style.

Beautiful shoulder/ head high sets rolling in with a soft offshore. Happy newyear!!
mr. Surfguide Algarve celebrating in style.
Even the sun came out to play. Tired and cold after a long surf ready for some coffee.
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