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In doubt, maybe don’t paddle out at Tonel


Perfect waves

With a good size swell on the forecast and offshore wind, the waves are good. Well, obviously they are always good somewhere. But today there are multiple locations in the Algarve where the surf is good. With one pretty confident Surfguide guest on a shortboard with a lot of experience in somewhat bigger waves, Tonel is a good option. The alarm set again on early o clock. And as often the first to arrive on the beach in Sagres. The waves are perfect.

Perfect empty wave on Tonel Sagres.

Not even one hour after we get in the line up starts to fill up. This normally means you have to share the waves with just a little more people but would not be any problem with waves this good. But the people who came to join the party clearly had no idea of surfing rules or surfing in general for that matter. As a surfguide is my job to bring people to the best spot at the best time. Obviously, everyone needs to learn and an accident can happen. But the amount of people dropping in on each other and paddling the wrong way while paddling back to the lineup is just ridiculous. To all you people who don’t want to hire a surf guide: Please:


If you go straight, maybe Tonel or any place where there are big waves, rocks or many people is not the best spot to go?

Surf madnes

If you wipe-out, don’t make it paddling for a wave, even accidentally be in someone’s way. It can happen. It is ok. We are all humans, humans make mistakes. But the challenging thing with surfing comparing to other hobbies/ sports. There are only so many clear rules and boundaries. (read them here:)
If you are from a country where there is not a lot of surf and you stay in Sagres. You surf Tonel the first day of your surf-trip with a big smile on your face. What holds you back to try it again the next day? Even if it looks maybe a little bit bigger? Apparently nothing. Here is someone in the perfect spot to get a perfect wave. Ditching the board (creating a dangerous situation) and obviously missing the wave:

drop in or party wave 😉

Stay stoked and stay safe everyone. I hope the tone of this blog does not set you off to much. We did have a pretty good surf but I feel it is also good to share this message. Be responsible for your own acts and we can all surf happy and safe together.

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