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Zavial beautiful winter session.


Winter surf in Zavial

With a header like this you might expect a pumping gnarly Zavial with big barrels shooting of the point. Not today do. We also do like that kind of Zavial. But to be honest, in the Algarve you’re never quite sure what you get. And today we are in for a little surprise. With temperatures dropping real low everywhere in Europe winter is on. The wet wetsuit feels a little extra cold and the first duck dive a little extra wet. But, compare this to all the other places north of us, we have no reason to complain. Today we score an absolutely beautiful winter session at praia do Zavial.

The big advantage of surfing in the cold morning is that most others don’t.

Longboard waves

The beach at Zavial is not famous for longboarding. The Algarve in general is tricky for longboards. But today is a different day and Zavial has other plans. The sandbanks are super good and as the tide filled in I wish I had a longboard with me. Don’t worry the shortboard crew got plenty of good quality waves but there is something magical about this too:

toes on the nose dude!!! Gliding like a dream on the longboard in Zavial.
beautiful surf and light. For a moment I feel like a surf photographer.
And at that moment our friend Tristan Rocks up. (Portugalsurfshots.) Very impressed by the colors and the light and not scared of some cold water.
Our surfguide guest is on the wave if you look real good.
Miss surfguide Algarve joins the after-surf walk. Somewhere in the distance, you can actually see Zavial.
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