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Fun winter surf in Tonel Sagres


Surf Tonel

Hidden between the west and south coast you’ll find the beautiful beach Tonel. In Sagres ‘ the end of the world’ and in my opinion, a must-visit even when it’s not good for surfing. I personally believe every beach is the end of the world. But In Sagres this saying feels a little more real. Between the big cliffs and next to the fortress it’s a very pretty place to catch some waves. With the surf guide mission we will hit Tonel at the right time and right tides. Today we get a super fun winter surf in Tonel.

Good morning surf in Tonel.

First ones out

Wake up in the dark, getting the cold wet wetsuit on on almost frozen sand. You need to go through a little bit of pain to claim these famous words:

”First ones out!!!”

surfguide algarve
surfguide guest Tonel.

With a nice period and fun size swell the surf is super fun. The wind can be a real spoiler at this spot but usually, early the wind is pretty light. With the ocean providing us with many waves we really surf our brains out.

Backside turn surfguide algarve

After surf

Especially in winter we can not surf all day long. Most sessions we surf for about 2 hours. After that the fingers have no feeling anymore. The tide will be to high por to low. And if the surf is still really good? Than we just stay in longer. But after surf the Algarve has a lot of cool stuff:

Our little Renault 4l surfcar parked in the Algarve Jungle.
Miss surfguide Algarve +1 in bloom,
Aftersurf dinner provided by the hangout.
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