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Epic sessions in the Algarve with no guiding


Epic sessions

With spring in the air, the Algarve is possibly one of the best places to be (locked down). Surf guiding is still not allowed. Just like sitting down on park benches and a lot of other things. But with beautiful weather, good swells, and favorable winds we still having a super good time. Epic sessions almost every day. No crowds in the water. A lot of quality time with the family. Life is good.

Perfect waves on the pointbreak of Zavial..

Time to fly (a kite)

Surfing will never get boring. Surf every day and you wake up every day again feeling like surfing. Promise, we do that. But sometimes it’s really fun to mix things up. Like, fly a kite in 4 meters swell on Bordeira. In wintertime we don’t really surf Bordeira very often. And it’s probably the last thing you think about if it’s 13 seconds and 4 meters swell with stormy side shore winds. But throw a kite in the game and it suddenly becomes a super good idea.

kitesurf in Algarve at Bordeira.
Kitesurf Bordeira raily

Surf guiding back on

Soon surfguide algarve will re-open. The government launched a plan were we will be able to work again from the 5th of April. We really can not wait to surf & chill with you guys again. Show you the best waves for your surfing level and take you to the best places and spots.

shaka lagos algarve surf bird
And one classic one to share the stoke and end the story. Surfguide algarve himself on a small bomb at zavial.
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