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Celebrating spring with surf in Tonel


Celebrating spring

What better way to celebrate the spring than a surf in Tonel, Sagres? I know most of you reading this are still locked down and very far from spring. Just know the mission is not to stick out your eyes by how good life is here. Just to make you stoked to come and visit the Algarve as soon as you can. The surf is absolutely on fire. Happy surfers with big smiles on their faces. Most are not able to work so they just surf. I guess there are worse things to do!

Sagres Tonel, no one out and just perfect waves…
beautiful long mellow left hand waves at Tonel.

Happy (surf) days

Wake up early, go to bed early. Living with the light. When you wake up and go surf, what more do you need? There are no BBQs and social events. But we still have amazing sunsets and crickets to make up for it.

Sunset just behind our house in Vila do Bispo Algarve.

Although it’s really fun to surf every day we can not wait to share the stoke with you again. Many people email with the same questions.

Can we already fly to portugal?
What is the situation in the Algarve?
Are we allowed to surf?

We can surf! the situation at this moment is that we have very few cases (in the whole of Portugal.) And if and how you are able to fly to Portugal is more a question you can answer. You probably need a valid test and you’re welcome on board. We can start guiding from the 5th of April again! (if all goes according to plan.)

Our friend is possibly one of the only persons busy at this moment. The surfboard shaper (and repair) Uwe Cluba.
Surf foto portugal surfshots Tonel. Book your guided surf session now and if the conditions are good we can call one of our photographer friends to shoot you on a wave like this!
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