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Summer surf at Praia Castelejo


Summer surf

If I say we don’t care about the weather I would be lying. In that case, we would possibly just be still living in the Netherlands. The fact is, it’s nice to surf when the sun is out. Obviously, we surf in all conditions but now the summer is coming back, we enjoy that too. Praia Castelejo is the place for today’s story.

Surfdog piri-piri. On top of the lookout or ‘ miradouro’ above castelejo and cordoama. One of the must see things in the Algarve. If you’re coming with us we’ll take you there.

Surf in the backyard

Half a year ago we would be stoked if we had surf in our backyard. Now there is always surf in our backyard. The only thing that is important is knowing when where to go. Living in Vila do Bispo is a dream. It’s funny how small the surf community really is. The whole day long you see cars and vans with boards strapped on or stuffed in driving by. Most of the time this happens we return back home after a good session.

surfguide algarve crew arriving first at the party. Good waves in the morning and your day starts fantastic.
Castelejo beach from top, on an angle even most of the people around here don’t know….

Big or Small Castelejo does it all

We will always try to find the best waves for your surf level. There is no point in trying to paddle out in overhead barreling waves if you are just starting to think about your first turns.

small wave surfer girl on the surfguide algarve adventure at castelejo earlier this year.
If the surf gets bigger the turns should get bigger too. Good surfer hacking one of the top at castelejo.

We cant wait to sea you again.

surfguide algarve
mr. Surfguide Algarve stoked as always. From the 5th of April onwards we will be able to start guiding again. We can’t wait!
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