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Fun family surf at Cordoama


Family surf

Spring in the Algarve is probably one of the most beautiful moments. The land is still lush and green. The nights are still cold and fresh. But during the day the temperatures really can jack up to board short/ t-shirt weather. The shoes are standing in a corner and the flip-flops make their way out of the closet. And that’s just the land. The ocean is still blessed with many open ocean swells and the wind is often very light or offshore. This adventure is a pretty special one. Miss surfguide makes her way back to the ocean after giving birth to our little princess; Storm. (and not surfing for almost 7 months.) A super fun family surf in our backyard 2-minute drive from our house in Vila do Bispo, at Cordoama.

Stoked surf family at sunny Cordoama
Stoked after surf shot from miss surfguide algarve.

No epic waves needed

If you havent surfed in 7 months all you need is a little bit of moving salt water to enjoy the session. At least thats what she said.
With a little bit of side onshore wind and a very small swell the ocean provides just small waves. Perfect waves to get back into the game!

empty beach of Cordoama with a parapente above the cgreen cliff. Does it get more pretty?
perfect small waves to get back into the surf!

I ‘m so super stoked and exhausted!!!

miss surfguide Algarve
One other dude enjoying the spring waves at praia cordoama.
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