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Monte Clerigo lucky spring surf


Lucky surf

You can study the surf forecast as long as you want. You can get pretty good at it too. But the truth is: As a surfer, you need a little luck sometimes too. This surf session at Monte Clerigo is a classic example. On a perfect spring day, we get a super fun session with a lot of friends at Monte Clerigo.

Monte Clerigo surf beach

Family surf beach

Although the waves in Monte Clerigo can be very tricky and there are a lot of rocks and current. The beach is amazing for families. There is just not a more beautiful beach in Portugal, or maybe in the world. With the cute village glued against the rocks on the one side with all her colours and wild cliffs on the other. This place is, even without surf, a real must-see if you are in the region. No wonder that many families go and spend a day on the beach here.

miss surfguide and baby Storm at Monte Clerigo.

Friends surf

Because the surf is very fragile at Monte Clerigo it is not really one of our go-to spots. So if we do go here it is a true party to see all the familiar faces in and out of the water.

nice left hand wave at monte clerigo with mr. surfguide algarve on it.

After surf, we got even invited for a little chill at the pool to make this day from good to epic.

epic chill by the pool after surfing. Not sure if there is a better way to rinse of the salt water.

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