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Bordeira small wave perfection


Surfguide adventure Bordeira

Let’s start this story a little bit differently: Why would you book a surfguide? Are you looking for the best waves for your surf level? Or are you more confident with an experienced surfer on your side? Or do you just like to share the stoke and are you willing to pay for that 🙂 Probably it is a combination of a few of the above. One thing you can expect from your surf guide is that he knows where the waves are good. Like today’s adventure to Bordeira. Absolute small wave perfection.

Surfguide algarve morning trip to Bordeira beach.
perfect small waves with a soft offshore wind. Does it get any better than this?

Good waves for all levels

Do not be fooled by the picture above. It is small but its still Portugal Algarve West coast. West coast with a lot of power. When the waves are clean like this it is very easy to misjudge the wave size. Today the waves are about shoulder to head high with a nice barrel if you are ready for it.

bordeira small barrel
Our surfguide guest on a nice clean wave. He is surfing a midlength from firewire and really I think this is one of the best all-round boards for the ‘ holiday’ surfer I have ever seen. The surfboard that paddles in easily, turns good, and works in small to decent size conditions. Sounds perfect.
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