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Clean fun surf with dolphins at Cordoama


Clean surf at Cordoama,

With spring in full swing we still get a lot of bigger swells mixed with smaller waves and favorable winds. Today is a perfect example. A small swell with a super soft offshore wind, promising super fun surf. The only question is than: when and where to go? With two keen guiding guests who don’t mind to set their alarms for good surf, Cordoama is the place to be. Arriving on a complete empty carpark and perfect clean surf is always fun. But to be welcomed by a school of dolphins is really next level.

Just in time to shoot the last dolphin when we park the car.
surfcheck at a completely empty beach Cordoama, stoked!!!

Good surf for everyone

Some waves are classified as ‘ beginner friendly’ or ‘ pro’s only’. And some waves just really suit every level of surfer. A punchy beachbreak with a lot of fun sandbanks creates a thousand waves an hour.
We got the spot all to ourselves for a good hour and got more waves than I thought was possible. But as the sun gains energy, the sunday crowds arrive. In no-time our super empty dreamy surf changed in a busy summer surf. Complete beginners in a surfschool in the white water, grommets on shortboards paddling hard for everything that moves. Guys on funboards floating far out. Others just sharing the waves going straight. And a true (ex WCT surfer) pro Marlon Lipke showing how it’s done.

surfguide guest cordoama
surfguide guest cordoama trying to get around the section. Will he make it?
Our local pro surfer Marlon Lipke, showing how its done. While some kid gets (probably) his first lesson in the front.
there is no better way to finish a good surf session than this. In the sun with a coffee and a pastel da nata.
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