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Fun surf in Amado with a drone


Fun Surf

Surf can be challenging, thrilling, sometimes a bit scary. But first and faremost it needs to be fun. At any time. Our mission with Surfguide Algarve to always have as much fun in the water as possible. Even if the conditions are not great, you can still have a great surf! Today in Amado we get super fun waves. The Corona pandemic is still not completely solved, making this place a little more quiet than normally in this time of year. And to make the session extra special: Our guest brought a friend with a drone!

our surfguide guest waxing her surfboard on a complete empty carpark at Amado beach.

Not really summer

Its sunny, the temperatures rise, there is a whole lot more daylight. And yet it does not really feel like the start of summer. Something is different. There is no people! With the corona pandemic still in full swing there is only a handful of tourists in the Algarve. The ones who do make it down here have the time of their lives. No people also means no people in the line up. And that translates in more waves!

Our guest getting a nice wave at amado.
Our other guest trying a shortboard for the first time. (*he used a fish before) Pretty sure he would make the section on the fish do…:)

Fly the drone,

A few years ago we all got super excited when someone would fly a drone above the line-up. But to be honest, now every second guy with a few tech toys owns a drone. And to be more honest; they are super annoying when they fly. Imagine a mosquito on steroids. The water is calm, there is a little break between the sets (a lull) and then you hear that super annoying buzz. ZZZZZZzzzz. It should be illegal really. But the dude who flies the drone knows how to avoid this. *(fly it high in the sky) And the movies are really cool. Sorry for the low-quality pictures. I cut the pictures out of the video. But the idea is there?

And what do you do after surf? Lets have a coffee and talk a little bit more about surfing!
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