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Private surfguide session Cordoama before the wind wakes up


With the summer literally around the corner, we have to deal with the consequences. In the morning you want a sweater. But you really do need to bring a board-short for after your session. (Or freeze your balls in the morning like I usually do.) The sun gains energy and the days get longer. The downside is the wind. The summer in the Algarve is usually pretty windy. There are a few surf spots that are protected. And there would even be a whole coastline that is offshore. But for that to start working you need swell. And big swell in summer is rare. So we often go early to a beach that catches a lot of swell, before the wind wakes up. Today we have a private surfguide session at Praia Cordoama.

Choosing a peak before jumping in at a complete empty beach at Cordoama.

Private surf

There is no better view than a completely empty beach with nice waves rolling in. If you would be on your own and not familiar with the region you might be scared to paddle out. What if there is something wrong? Maybe there is a reason no one is out? Are there any rocks or funky currents? The surfguide will clear all these questions. Yes, there are rocks on certain areas on most of the beaches. No rocks don’t move, just stay away from them. Currents and useful channels are often visible on the day itself.

empty surf beach cordoama.
Sweet little wave rolling in, lets go surfing!!
Our surfguide guest in action on a nice left hand wave at cordoama.
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