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Small foamy surf with miss surguide Algarve in Tonel


Foamy surf

It does not matter what you ride, as long as you have fun in the water. To a certain extent of course… If there are paddles involved we just call that cheating. As some of you might know we just got a baby. With a good few months out the water miss Surfguide Algarve is really stoked with small easy waves to get back in the game. With small waves in mind, the best weapon of choice is of course the foamy. After our morning surfguide mission to somewhat more challenging surf, we hit Tonel after lunch. For a small foamy surf for the missis.

Can you imagine a better wave to get back in the game? Miss surfguide Algarve on her blue foamy wave catch machine.

Summer surf

Often we get the question:

How is the surf in summer in the Algarve?


The answer is pretty straightforward. Its fun. But usually not epic. Quantity over quality. Many short period swells, combined with some north wind. But this creates still really fun waves:

Happy surfguide guest after a summer surf at Amado.

Small waves big fun

We like every single type of wave. Small, medium, big, you name it- we surf it. With a smile. If you have the right equipment you can surf almost every day of the year somewhere in the Algarve. If you know where to go.

tonel small wave foamy surf miss surfguide algarve
tonel small wave foamy surf miss surfguide algarve
tonel surf dog surfguide algarve
Two people in the water, piri-piri the surfdog watching out for sharks.
Miss surfguide Algarve stoked after a small wave surf.
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