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Fun spring surf guide session at Sagres Tonel


Fun surf

Easy start, surf has to be fun. It is and it should. Yet many people in the water look like they don’t really enjoy it. They might be on the wrong board. Maybe they are in the wrong conditions. Maybe they had a fight with their partner. Or maybe they are having the time of their lives but a really hard time expressing themselves. (Our dog piri-piri has that same problem.) But if you book a surf guide session you can expect to be on the right spot for your level. And if we help you pick a board the chance is fairly big you’ll be on the right equipment too. And from there it’s easy. Just get in and have fun! Today’s spring session is at Sagres in Praia Tonel.

Welcome at Tonel at the end of the world in Sagres. Before your session we point out where the rocks are that you have to be aware off and where to paddle out. Also on the picture is our little dog Piri-Piri.

Shoulder high waves

You can measure the waves in feet. Some in meters. Some from the wave face and some from the back. One thing is for sure. The wave can be measured in many different ways. One shoulder high barrel can be much more heavy than a overhead crumbly wave. We like to talk about knee, waist, shoulder, head high.

Our surfguide guest on a nice waist high wave in Tonel.
same dude going left on a shoulder high version of the wave in Tonel.
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