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Very special surfguide longboard surf at Tonel


Very special surfguide session

Every surf is, or at least should, be special. Obviously not every surf is as special. (For some reason you need fewer good surfs to enjoy the good ones again.) But in some cases when you have a few bad surfs in a row, got a lot on your mind, your surf mojo can get lost. It seems like every time you do make the afford when you finally have a free moment, you are at the wrong spot at the wrong time. In the line-up with a lot of people, or just the ‘wrong’ people. Things don’t click. This exact story happened to a good friend of ours and she called Surfguide Algarve for help. Every time the surfguide phone rings or new email booking comes in is special. But this request feels unique. Conditions line up for a beautiful longboard surf at Tonel.

Classic longboard and probably even more classic car. Longboard ready to glide at Tonel beach in Sagres ‘ the end of the world.’
Our friend the Longboard girl walking down to beautiful perfect waves.

One more wave

The famous words of almost every surfer towards the end of his session. One more wave. Or as they say here in Portuguese: Mais um!
One of our long-term guest from Swiss is leaving tomorrow. (Don’t worry he’ll be back sooner than later and surfed more than most Swiss surfers in their whole life will ever do). For him, this is really ‘ one more wave’ for quite a while.

Nice small wave at Tonel. This dude actually built that board himself with a bit of help from the same shaper who made the longboard in the first two pictures. (Sam- Bobs Boards.)
No need to say the vibe is really good when the waves are like this with only a few people in the line-up.

Mission completed. The girl (and her boyfriend) both having a super beautiful surf with many good waves. Can’t wait for the next time guys. Sharing the stoke for a living.

Surf couple after their surf at Sagres Tonel.
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