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Big and stormy or small and clean at Tonel and Beliche


Summer surf

That it can be super windy in the Algarve in summer is no secret. On these days there are a few options. Option one: You can drive to Arrifana and surf with a milion other people. Fight over every single wave and when you get one slalom trough the crowds. The second option is to surf windy conditions. And today we found a really nice third option. First we surf big and a bit stormy waves at Tonel. When the wind get to out of control we move a few more meter to the right and finish our morning with super fun clean waves at Beliche.

Surf check with surfguide Algarve. No one out, lets go!!!
Side offshore, head high waves with a nice shoulder. Could be way worse?
Team stokes

Part two

At the start the wind is super North (side offshore at Tonel.) With head high sets and and a bit shifting peaks not the most easy conditions. But with no one else in the line up plenty of fun surf for the two of us. After one hour the wind switched a little more to North-West making the surf really difficult. We gamble and try to check the next bay: Beliche. One of the most protected spots for the wind in the region. (and protected from the swell too.)

Nice clean small left hand wave at Beliche.
About 1/3 of the size of Tonel but about a hundred times more easy and clean. (And still no one out.)
Already in 80’s party mode – our guest showing off the Saturday nightlife dancing pose while flying down the line on his foamy.
And one to finish the surf story in a right way.
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