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Classic summer surfguide surf at amado


Summer surf

”We’re waxing down our surfboards- we can’t wait for June. We’ll all be gone for the summer..”

Beach boys

Sorry if this song is in your head for the next day and a half. But there is no better way to start this blog. It’s officially summer. Our friends in Lagos are complaining that it’s so hot they don’t want to do anything but eating ice creams and drink cold cocktails. The surf is small with a small period. But the vibe is good as always. But why the funky start of the story?
Well this is why: We start the surfguide mission with this Classic.

We start the mission with a short trip in this absolutely beauty of VW-T2 surf van to the beach of Amado.

Amado surf

The early bird catches the wave. Wake up early, get in before the rest of the world wakes up. We get the tide in our favor and with fun small summer surf it’s perfect for our guest to get back in the ritm.

Our surfguide guest walking over the boardwalk at Amado.
Nice little foamclimb from our Barista friend.
One of our surf buddies getting a few nice ones on the main peak. Small swell and short period also means a lot of waves and not so much paddling.
Our mission is to get you to the best spot at the best time for your level. So if you need to get back in the surf game like our guest this morning. It would be stupid to go sit with all the other guys on the main peak. Empty small waves a little further down the beach making this morning absolutely perfect.
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