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Super Clean surf guided adventure at praia Tonel


Clean surf

unfortunately we do not get clean surf that often in the Algarve. But when everything falls into place and the ocean cleans up. Party mode is on. Usually the ocean needs a little bit of time to get rid of all the chop on the face and you really need a stong offshore. Not today. With just a very soft breeze of offshore wind and super nice waves Tonel is really as good as it gets. We have an awesome guided adventure at praia Tonel.

does it get any better?

Share the stoke

Surf is always best shared with some likeminded people. Not too many of course, you dont want to wait too long for your next wave. If you live somewhere it is often easy to take things for normal. If you live in France it might maybe even get normal that you can get worlds best baguette anywhere at any time. (Its hard to imagine but we have some French friends and its true.)
And if you live in the Algarve it is easy for many to forget to see the beauty of things. Just because we see them every day. It might have a lot to do that we did not actually grew up here. Or the fact that we always take fresh blood to the spots that we can appreciate the beauty every day like its the first time.

Our super stoked surfguide guest in the water at Tonel.

Eat (like a) Local

If you are lucky you will get one of portuguese most famous treats on your guided adventure. We often take pasteis da nata, who taste even better with a salty mouth after a surf.
There is a whole lot more to try in the portuguese cuisine do. Obviously the fish is a big thing here and they have some cool ways you might not see every day.

Fresh fish is dried in the sun. This technique is super old but still used a lot today. We love to give you tips about where and when to eat too. Just ask!
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