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foamy surf guide session at Bordeira


We always have waves in the Algarve

Very often people ask me: What is the best time to visit the Algarve? The answer is not as straight forward as you might think. Yes winter gets more swell. But is that really what you want? Close your eyes and think of a nice mellow wave with a blue ocean and a rising sun. Add an empty beach and zero wind. That is what the foamy session is like today at our surf guide session at Bordeira.

How pretty is this beach?

Small waves, Big fun

With small waves you often feel a little less pressure. The wipe-outs are less serious. When you paddle back out it is not that heavy. And no one is hassling for waves. Especially when you normally surf a (smaller) hard-top surfboard, it can be so much fun to jump on a foamy again. The softtop just seems to catch everything and glide over sections you would never make on any other board. The ocean provides the biggest playground in the world.

The bluest blue waves you will ever encounter in the Algarve
small wave – Big fun
party waves allowed on foamies!

After surf action

If you have a little bit of energy left the Algarve offers so many other things that surf. Not talking about the numerous amount of restaurants we can recommend. Talking about action. Are you ready to take your surfing to the next level? (And comfortable on 4 wheels). We know the best coach in the region who built a skate-wave. The surfskate-ranch. (The name really fits, they also have chickens and ducks.)

surfskate practice surf ranch
surfskate practice surf ranch
surfskate practice
Or go to meet the locals. Mr. surfguide algarve got taken on a snorkel mission by our friend massimo.
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