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Three reasons why you should visit the pearl of the Algarve: Arrifana



Without a doubt the most famous beach in the region. Arrifana is nicknamed Arrifunha, Surfschool heaven, or my personal favorite: Arrifatamorgana. No joke, if you are in the Algarve you should really check the place out. The views are amazing. You can do super nice hikes and if you like to surf the waves are always good for all levels. Here are three reasons why you should visit ”the pearl of the Algarve”.

Pirate ship ancored in Arrifana bay. Remember, don’t come knocking when the boat is rockin’!

1. Waves for all levels at all times

If you go to the local surf shop (*not all, but many) and you ask where you should surf while you screwing your fins in the wrong way around and start waxing the underside of your board. They will for sure send you to Arrifana. They probably send you to Arrifana also if you give an impression to know how to surf. And not without reason. The beach is so well protected it hardly ever is affected by wind. Together with a semi-half round beach, there is almost always some sandbar that produces a nice wave. And waves are there almost always because the spot is located on the west coast, catching a lot of swells. With lifeguards on the beach and not many natural hazards like rocks or rips, it is the perfect beach to practice surfing…

Perfect surf for all levels

2. The views are amazing

If you are tired from your six-hour session and really need a break. Or even better, when you do not surf and just want to enjoy the show: Make sure you get a little elevated spot on the side of the beach and enjoy the show. On the beach of Arrifana is always a lot going on.

Ever seen a cue of surfers? Its an Arrifana special!
Because on the beach the wetsuit get’s so sandy’

3. Amazing hikes

After your six-hour surf session, another two hours of baking in the sun, and 20 beers at the restaurant it is time to go home. And then Arrifana has one more little surprise for you!

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