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Fun private family surf guide session at Cordoama


Surf Cordoama

The ocean doesnt care what day of the week we are on. She doesnt care about if there is soccer on television or that you had a drink too much. If you want to score good waves, you will have to dance to her music. So that is what we do. We wake up to mother oceans ritms. Listen to her tides and winds. And go whenever, wherever she thinks is best on that day. Today we get a super fun private session at cordoama. Guiding a family of 3 sharing the stoke. (And the early morning, we share that too.)

surfguide algarve has zero respect for the favorable wake up times for (surfing)teenagers.
Stoked surf girl on the empty carpark of Cordoama with her new Locally hand-made surf-Poncho.

Empty fun waves

If you are willing to stand up early the waves are usually less busy. Today we get the line up completely to ourselves making the waves extra fun.

After some paddling cordoama will also reward you for your hard work. Our surfguide guest on a beautiful left hand wave.
Our guest gliding over a little flat section. The right choice of board does help in these conditions where the waves are not super easy. But as a famous shaper ones said wisely:

´its 90% the surfer and 10% the board´

Uwe Kluba

Stoked and tired ready to spend the rest of the Sunday with the rest of the family.

Coming home to this after a fun surf (l)
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