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Beautiful surf guide session at Praia Castelejo


Beautiful surf

Every surf is beautiful. Or at least, it should be. Even if the waves are not epic (what is very often the case in the Algarve.) The surroundings, beach, sky, your moment of freedom in mother nature make this thing more than special. Sometimes we get distracted by our own thoughts or expectations. At this time you will never feel the flow of the ocean and many times the surf isn’t great. (And for some reason this happens to me more often when the waves are good.)
Today everything just flows like it should. We have a beautiful surf guide session at Praia Castelejo. And we get some sick picks to share with you too.

Our friend Massimo really got an Amazing shot from the sky at Castelejo. If you look good you see one guy paddling close to the breaking wave.
If you are spending enough time with a famous photographer your own pics getting better and better too. Here is our guest waxing her surfboard at castelejo car park. (Shot by mr. surfguide algarve.)
And the pro showing how to really play with the light. Castelejo Beach with surfer by Massimo.

Just get better

Surfguiding is about sharing our passion for the surf with you. We take you to the best waves for your level at any given day and we surf together. Does that make you a better surfer? Well… In the long run, probably yes. You will have good waves to practice and you will be able to see what other surfers (your guide) do in the water and try to copy that. But it is no secret that you will improve much faster by doing a surf lesson. The downside is that a surf lesson is more forced, more expensive and not always as fun. But we came across a perfect in-between solution.

At the surfskate ranch you can practice everything you do on a ‘real’ wave – on a surfskate. The movements are very similar (if not the same). But the wave is static and you can practice your maneuvers as many times as your body can handle. The Instructor/coach is an amazing skilled dude who has a ton of experience teaching surfing in and out of the water. This is really the perfect way to get your reps in and get better surfing. Without sacrificing on the beautiful soul-moments in the water. The next day you can practice your new improved moves on the waves:
And the pictures don’t lie. Practice makes perfect. A beautiful surfed wave by our surfguide guest- shot by: (who else) mr. Massimo.
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