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Private super styling surfguide small wave session at Tonel


Super Styling surfguide session

Most of you loyal readers know that we used to have this super classic Renault 4 surf car. One of the coolest cars you will come across. But not particularly safe (at all). And with the birth of our little Storm we decided to let her go. With pain in the hart that is. There is just something very special about rocking up on a surfspot in a classic surf car. So no surprise its super special if our guest comes to pick up the surfguide in this:

We go all super styling on a small wave session at Tonel in Sagres.

Empty small waves

Surfguide Algarve is about getting you to the best waves for your level. If you know and respect the rules in the line up and can surf a green wave. You can come to join the adventures. We know where and when to find good waves to practice on and we really enjoy small waves ourself too.

First ones on Tonel beach with perfect small conditions
First ones on Tonel beach with perfect small conditions
Its not just the waves that are beautiful in the morning.
Surf check from the famous cliffs on top of Tonel.
To finish the story in style: mr. Surfguide Algarve on a little gem trying to do what the surfskate training has teached him…
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