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Surf guide Sagres Tonel before the wind wakes up


Surf Sagres Tonel

Sagres in summer is also knows as wind capital. It seems to be always windy. Where Lagos and the rest of the Algarve have a few more hours of quiet time in the morning. At Sagres you will need to be early and a bit lucky to avoid the wind. Today we have company of to super stoked guys (one lady and one guy to be exact.) And although it is not easy to wake up early on your holiday. The reward is worth it. With a good bit of swell it is the guide trick to find a spot protected enough. Today we hit Tonel before the wind wakes up and get a beautiful surf.

No one out, swell rolling in, no wind yet. Lets go surfing!!!
early bird catches the wave, again.

Sagres surfing in the wind or windsurfing

Ideally you don´t want any wind while you are surfing. The only wind you maybe like is a little bit of offshore. All the other wind is making the surf less good. Today we know the wind is going to pick up a lot and we really surf our brains out before that. Our hard-core surfguide guests stay in a little bit longer charging the wind. Obviously there are still waves with the wind. It just becomes a lot harder to stay in position and the water surface gets more choppy. But if you are here for a few weeks and surf only a few times a year: stay in as long as you want!

A fishing boat also charging the wind chop in Sagres ocean.
Our surfguide guest with a big smile, stoked about his private surfguide session. You can see how much the tide has dropped in a few hours time.
Time to refuel, get the windsurf stuff and go back later for more!
To finish the day and story in style.
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