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Mystic surf guide session at Castelejo beach


Surf guide session

We like to go surfing before the wind starts and if possible before the crowds arrive. There is a lot of coastline in the Algarve and it is often not impossible to find a uncrowded spot. But if you want to have the best waves you sometimes have to wake up early. Sunny blue skies and white sand? Not today. Todays surfguide session at Castelejo is super misty. Usually you can check the waves from the car park. Now we need to walk all the way to the water edge to check the wave conditions. There are a few advantages of thick mist. Usually people sleep in longer. They look outside- see mist- and stay inside. The mist also means there is no wind. No wind means fun surf! We get a super mystic surf with no one else around.

Castelejo surf dog Piri Piri. He looks a little more hell-hound-ish with the red eyes don’t you think? He usually only gets the red eyes when you come to close to his bucket.
So this is what actually is Surfing the Cloud.

When the Sun is out

We find surprisingly fun waves (and a lot of seaweed.) After a good 2 hour surf session the wind starts to pick up while the sun is coming out. As we enter the carpark the place is absolutely full with surf schools and other surfers. we did it again. Stoked!

When the surf is done and the day is still young there is time for a lot of other things.

Like cleaning the casa and wash some (baby) clothes. In our little castle in Vila do bispo.
A surfguide algarve Blog post wouldnt be the same if it would not have at least one surf picture. And then preferably a very good one shot by Massimo. Big Hug guys. Book now before we are all fully booked.
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