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Empty waves at amado in summer, surfguide algarve trip


Empty waves

A wave can be super epic, but if there are a milion surfers on it, it aint much fun. Good thing there is not many epic waves in the summer in the Algarve in the first place. That does not mean you can not get an epic session! Today we have two stoked british surfers on board. One on a ‘funboard’ 6’8 and the lady on a 9’2 single fin longboard from our local shaper & friend: Bob’s board. The expectations are low, the stokes high & the waves turn out to be really good. (For summer).
Now to find good empty wavs in amado at this time of year, there must be something wrong. It might have something to do that the surfguide algarve trip starts yet again when the rest of the world is not even up for coffee. But the results are there!

Walking down the boardwalk towards the ocean at amado beach. Some fun swell lines rolling in, no one out. Whar more can you wish for?
Low tide amado beach. The Surfguide Algarve crew did it again. first ones out, time to ut the camera away and get some waves!

Good vibes & good waves

With a summer forecast: (Small period and small waves.) It is always a roll of the dice what you get. It can be super fun in low tide the day before, and the next its totally sh*t. Not completely true of course. We know where the banks are good/bad and what is going on. But we just take a more calculated guess with a lot of years of doing the same thing. Our calculated guess gets us usually the best waves. And with you as company – good vibes.

Most waves go unridden. We can only take so many every session. Think about the amount of waves rolling in at night, completely empty… But this one could have been yours… Get in touch and we’ll find some more. There’s always that next wave remember?
Here is mr. Surfguide Algarve on his magic Twinn almost killing his guest with the Go-Pro in his hands. Everything for the golden shot 🙂
He didn’t get hurt do. Big shaka,
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