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Surfguide Algarve Arrifana single fin longboard session


Longboard session

The surfguide algarve crew has the mission to take you to the best waves for your level/ wishes. Obviously not every day is perfect for barrel riding and cross stepping to the nose at the same time. With the different seasons, swells, wind and spots, the boards that we use also change a little bit. Usually I personally ride something with a bit more rocker in winter months and a little sharper rails 🙂 Just joking. We get more and more requests for longboarding sessions and with a little bit of luck we got a true 9´4 noserider in our quiver that brings a new perspective on fat summer waves. Today we go to Arrifana for a true single fin longboard session.

Old or new? Lets take the new one 🙂 The Vila do Bispo meeting point before sunrise.
Is it still a dawny if the sun rises while you are in the car on your way to the surf spot?

Got to Love Arrifana (on a longboard)

If you have never been at Arrifana or if you are one of the lucky locals. The view is absolutely amazing every time again. And with the right board loaded up on the roof and perfect clean little lines rolling in, we are stoked.
This board is so big, my every day board fits almost 2 times in its length. I borrowed a paddle from a friendly supper in the line up. I think with some more practice I would be able to sup it too. (don´t worry I will not.)
Arrifana from the water angle. With the single-fin upside down in the ocean. I call her: Moby Dick.
Here´s our guest & friend surfing her Bob´s boards longboard. We almost crashed into each other just seconds after this shot. Who has right of way here? I go left- she goes right? I guess it does not matter anymore, we both got away unharmed, with a big smile. Do you also want a longboard session? Get in touch. If the conditions allow it, we might just do it again.
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