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Castelejo surfguide Algarve summer surf session


Castelejo Surf

The Algarve hosts a numerous amount of stunning beaches. Located in an almost island-type of way we are fortunate to have a beach to surf for almost any swell. In winter we surf the south coast a bit more with the bigger waves bending around the peninsula. In summer we search a little more open ocean swell catching spots. Castelejo is not the biggest swell magnet but just perfect for today’s forecast. The Surfguide crew ones again enjoys a surf session completely alone. Because summer tourists can for some reason only find their ways to the beach late in the morning 🙂

This is how we like the beach the most: EMPTY. Nice small waves rolling in, the sun slowly rising. Ready for a fun summer surf.

Yes there are rocks, they won’t go anywhere

Castelejo has a few rocks scattered around the line up. Some more visible than others. Obviously we are here to tell you exactly what rocks to be aware off and where they are. Many people are a little scared of rocks. But the rocks don’t move. You do. When you surf a (new) spot it is always super important to know the local hazards. Surfguide Algarve isn’t going to teach you how to improve your backhand turns but will tell you exactly where to paddle out and what to watch out for.

Paddle out with dry hair, next to the rocks.

”Man thanks so much, I would have never made it out to the nice waves if you had not told me where to paddle out!”

stoked surfguide guest.
The beautiful cliffs of Castelejo beach and surroundings.
Remember that old saying: ”Never turn your back to the ocean?”
The ocean does not like that. lol. Good wipe out. He got the next wave, but I didn’t.
There is no way there is a blog post without a surfer standing up on a wave: So here she is. An old picture- yes this is not today. But the conditions are very similar, if that counts. You want to share a nice session with us? Get in touch!
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