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Old school Single fin perfect session private surfguiding Vila do Bispo


Old school Single fin

If there is one thing you can not fight, it is time. We all grow up and most of us get old. Personally, I do not feel old most of the time. But when I make a picture and see the lines in my face, the foto disagrees. There are a lot of disadvantages to name getting old(er). You can not surf for 5 hours in a row, come in, have a pre-packed, squashed sandwich and go in for another few hours. And if you do you will never ever do that again. After a night with little sleep you feel destroyed. And I am sure there are more to name. But there are a few advantages of aging too: You can buy a Longboard when you’re old. And so on todays surfguiding adventure we set our way to an old school single fin surf. We meet up in Vila do Bispo where the session already starts perfect. Someone left her underwear on the street next to the bus stop. Because: Why not?

The best looking car in the world picking up mr. surfguide algarve in Vila do bispo. (look left from the enormous longboard 😉
Look at the screen, who needs a Tessla now!? This surf van is super kitted out.

First ones out in perfect waves

There is just something so magic walking on an empty beach with perfect waves rolling in. Knowing you going to have a perfect session just with your buddy/ guest.
Waves so clean and perfect you can see yourself in the reflection of it. Super stoked surf session.

Don’t wait, book now

With all travel restrictions finally coming to an end people starting to think of travel again. Algarve in August is always busy. Even now. But the surf season is about to come a little after summer. The agenda is already filling up. If you want to follow this guy and score fun surf. Don’t wait to book.

Surfguide Algarve Vila do Bispo.
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