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Private surfguide session at Tonel Beach in Sagres – the end of the world.


The end of the world

Let’s be completely honest here: Isn’t every beach the end of the world? I guess you can’t get a hotdog with a certificate saying ‘ the last bratwurst before America’ on every beach. But that raises the question if we really need that. Fact is, Tonel is a super special beach. And with waves, even more so. Between the cliffs, fortress, and lighthouse in the distance, it is really one of the most stunning places to surf. Our surf guide guest today – (A Brazilian dude who surfs on the same spot as Medina is from!)- is also very impressed. But not just by the environment. He books a private surfguide session. But being from a very populated region of Brazil, he can’t believe his eyes when we find the waves in Tonel completely empty. As fast as possible we get in our wetsuits and start the session.

Surf check Tonel from the carpark. Glassy swell lines rolling in with no one in the water.

Stoke for days

Surfguide Algarve will bring you to the best waves at the best time for your level of surfing. But we still can’t create epic waves. So some days we get mother ocean to deliver amazing waves. And other days we will just need to go and make the best of what it is. Our Brazilian guest just books a few sessions and rolls the dice on the days. No waiting period. We’ll see what we get:

Super playful clean summer surf. Rights, lefts, and an easy paddle out.
Empty waves, sunshine, what more can we wish for?
Our surfguide guest dropping on on a nice righthander in Tonel.
And another one rolls by unridden…
Not sure why this guy is holding a paddle. Sure thing that he is on a beautiful little wave!
Stoke for days!!
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