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Surfguide session Praia Castelejo, with good vibes and even better waves


Good vibes (guaranteed)

Nightmare of every surfer: You get to a (for you unknown) spot and the vibes are bad. There is plenty of reasons to think why this can happen. (Local) guys can be on edge because there are too many tourists. Or maybe the waves don’t really live up to the expectations and the surfers are disappointed. And in some cases when the waves are absolutely on fire, the atmosphere in the ocean can get competitive fighting for the best waves. Obviously, it is our aim as a surfguide to keep you away from all bad vibes and bring the good vibes. We normally surf at a little bit different times than the masses and we hardly ever surf on the main peaks. And this works! The Algarve has so much spots and beaches that we almost always score waves with only a few people in the water. (Not guaranteed but the good vibes are.) Today we get an amazing session at Praia Castelejo, just behind our house in Vila do Bispo with good vibes and even better waves. Enjoy the surf pictures.

We start back to front. As our surfguide-guest, a dude from Brazil, walks out of the water. No arms left and stoke to fuel the rest of his holliday.

Better waves

”Whats the best time for surfing?”

many many surfguide guests.

What’s the best time to come to the Algarve with the biggest chance of scoring good waves. Good specified because we have waves almost every day of the year. In general, it is safe to say that good waves will come more likely in autumn, spring and winter. And that makes the summer less ideal for your chances on good waves. Or is it?

A friend of us (and one of the best surf girls we have around here) setting a beautiful line on a wave in Castelejo. As good as it gets.
You prefer going left? No problem. Unknown guy styling his way on a clean wave face on a Castelejo left.
You know the saying: ”Never walk away from good surf.” Well, he didn’t. There will be a point in every surfer’s session that you have to get out. Even when the waves are still good. Your arms are falling off. The focus is gone. Time to leave it to the others and go for a well-deserved pastel da nata!
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