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Epic September session, surfguide Algarve scoring again at Zavial


Epic September

Do you know the surf movie September sessions? If you don´t go check it out now. If you do, then you better put on the sound-tracks on. The movie released in 2002 just breathes surifng in its purest forms. I don´t think I know any movie that gives the viewer so much stoke from watching it. The music is perfectly chosen (no wonder, Jack Johnson directed it). September in the Algarve usually brings in good surf too. The summer winds finally seem to die and the first winter swells start to pulse. We get ourselves ready for another epic winter with many good surf sessions. Lets start with this epic score again at zavial with this mornings surfguide adventure.

Sunrise surfs are the best.

Go and explore

Newsflash: you can not surf all day every day. If you are on a short surf trip you will for sure try to fit as much surf hours in a day as possible. But even then, there is high tide and evil winds. This is a perfect time to chill. Or when you have a family that likes to be entertained too: Go out and explore!

The coastal walk from zavial is amazing. It is a part of the costa vincentina route and all the way (pretty) easy acces.

Time for action

Board of the week, ´new extra light- super fast, but easy to paddle in waves, will make you turn like a pro, without loosing balance´ Advice to surf up to 3 inches shorter than your average shortboard. Does anyone even know what is an avarage shortboard? I don´t. So to find out I bought a true shortboard. From the 80´s. When liters was just a way to indicate how much beer there was in a bottle. Glass-on fins, that can not be confused or swapped by lighter carbon versions that also will not make you a better surfer. A board that is almost as old as me. (But looks a whole lot better) How would it go?

Left my not-so-old ´old board- Martin Potter performance Twin. 5´8 about 27 liters. (really love this board. Works well in almost all conditions we surf around here. Right is the new, very old board. No dimensions, no liters- but a sick paint job and purple glass-on fins. (by the looks it must be a 6.0 and about 25 liters if I can guess from my surf just now.
Our good friend going over the falls like a champ. ´You normally know a wave is going to end up bad if you don´t know if you want to go left or right while you´re paddling.´
Here´s our surfguide guest flowing down the line of a beautiful wave. September swell!
Here is mr. Surfguide Algarve inside a nice barrel at Zavial on the 80´s board. I guess she works just fine!
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