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Always come back for more, surfguide algarve surfing adventure in Zavial


Surfguiding- Not for everyone

Surfguide Algarve is in fact a very small operation. With the mission and vision to do a very specific thing meant for a very specific audience. We surf, are stoked, and like to share those two things with a select few. A few people per session. But also a few people in general. There are plenty of surfers who might probably fit from a surf guide. But there are plenty who like to mission around and explore for themselves. And you have unlimited miles on your rental ride anyway so why wouldn’t you? With the surfguide crew we know the beaches better than the back of our hand. While the others are still checking spot a, b and c to come back to spot a while the tide got too low to surf, we have the session of our lives. Or at least the best surf for that given day.

´At the right time at the right spot´

surfguide Algarve motto
Finding good waves with no one out makes you do funny things:

Many of the surf guide crew comes back for more. Can see why with an adventure like this one:

pictures from paradise

This is one of our many times returning guests. Next to the fact that he´s a great dude and been improving like crazy, he also works his ass off in all the time that he is not sliding down on salt water. It makes total sense he wants to be at the right spot knowing there is (good) surf. No waisting time driving around. Just surf!
The surfguide will always be there in the water. You can be sure that wherever he is there is waves breaking. (watch out he won´t share to often so you´ll be warned: don´t sit to close.)
We all know this ´o-shit´ moment. Hold on to your board. Duckdive or turtle roll as good as you can, and get back out there.
This dude gets the best picture of the session. And for very good reason. It is his last surf for this trip. Every year he comes back one week to surf his brains out. Stoked to have this reminder of this years week full of waves and good laughs.
After surf stoke, with Portuguese delicacy: Pastel de Nata!!!
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