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Surfguide session Cordoama in picture-perfect waves


Picture perfect

Warning: The waves in this blog post are not our standard. With a very soft offshore breeze that grooms the ocean to a glassy mirror with a small long-period swell, Cordoama turns today in one of the best surf spots one can think of. The waves pushed in from some kind of hurricane far out in the ocean and no other swells to mix upon. The waves are really picture-perfect. The Surfguide crew does not take more than 3 surfers (4 is already a crowd.) But the family needs to eat too. Normally we prefer one or two and call it ´private surfguiding.´ Today however we call our flexible semi-local crew for a good wave alert. The guys reschedule their meetings and get an epic surf guide session in return.

These guys should be behind a laptop. Instead, they are checking where the waves are best. Good call I say.

Pictures of people making pictures….

Jack the Johnson

Epic waves, picture time

With epic surf, there is one little problem. No one wants to take photos. I guess there are a few who we could call but to not make things more complicated we rolling without the pro photographers today. Its nice to have a few shots do. So here you go. When my arms really starting to give in I got a few shots from the last waves of the crew:

A private peak with a perfect wave coming in. A channel to paddle out. Sun rising and stoked guests to keep the stoked up. There is simply nothing more we can ask for.
Do you take the first one of the set?
Our friend floating the last section in style.
If you want you can go right than I will take the left!
Our friend closing todays story with a nice snap on his little twin fin.
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