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When it all comes together surfing Tonel Sagres with surf photographer


When it all comes together

We all know that ´how I wish there is a photographer Now´. After your amazing wave of the morning. It can be that the light is just incredible. Or the waves absolutely amazing. Or maybe you finally succeed to do that one turn you always dream of.
Well, newsflash, 99.9% of the time there is no photographer on sight and all these beautiful moments will stay memories in your head. These same memories will make you come back for more. And although it does not make the actual experience better. It would be epic to sometimes have that amazing feeling caught on camera. Today is all comes together when the surf guide Algarve adventure takes us to Sagres. We surf in Tonel with our good friend and extremely skilled photographer Massimo. The pictures in this story are all his and can not be taken without permission.

Golden hour in Tonel. Surfing at the end of the world while the sun is coming up. Only a few people out and perfect waves. What more can you ask for?

Smile for the camera

Smiiile! And all faces turn into awkward Grimms with fake smiles and people throwing unsure shaka´s at the cellphones. Making a good picture is hard. A good picture from a spontaneous moment is often much better. But how spontaneous is it if you know that the surf photographer is in the water and you need to take waves Right Now. The waves are good, the light is beautiful, there are almost no other people. Now it is up to you to shine. All those hours of preparation and dreaming. Paddle hard and smile for the camera:

The wave we all dream off. Right here, right now. And let me tell you a secret. The surfer in the photo spends weeks, months, years of just pure dedication to get on this level. Surfing is not for everyone, but everyone can do it. Do you dream of a wave like this? Work hard for it and come get some!
How do you capture the word, Stoke? Well, I guess here is the answer.
But how would you smile after a surf session with waves like this?
The famous Sagres cliffs in the background, sunshine, offshore breeze. Oh, and our guest getting another beauty to make the picture complete.
The surfguide closing this one out with a nice backhand turn. Thanks a lot mr. Massimo. You´re a legend and a good laugh. If you also want a surf guided session with surf pictures, please get in touch. We decide together what day is best for pictures. Obviously not every day we get perfect offshore waves so its best to take a few days and let us pick the best one. Shaka!
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