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Dream week of family surf guiding in the Algarve


Family surf

What is more fun than sharing the thing you like doing most with the people you love most? Can you even put a price tag on moments such as seeing the sun rise while walking to a completely empty line up with fun waves? Or the moment you see your mother getting the wave of the day? Wake up every morning with only one goal in mind: Get good surf and see what the rest of the day brings. I guess technically you cán put a price tag on all these experiences. But how the past week planned out is pretty incredible.

Dawny surf has its advantages: One is the sunrise. Two is the fact most others are still asleep or driving around. Here is our crew entering the beach in Mareta in Sagres.
Family surf guide crew plus the surf guide. (Picture by Massimo)
Here is mom dropping in on a beautiful wave.

Create your own luck

With waves you can be lucky and sometimes less lucky. But the simple fact remains that every wave breaking here is better than the one in the mainland of Germanland. (If you don´t count the wavepools.) With Surfguide Algarve you are more or less guaranteed that you will be on the best spot at the best time for your surf level. So wherever is good that day: that is where we going. And let´s do it in style.

Possibly one of the best surf cars I have been driving around. Audi, if you want to use this picture go for it, just put my logo somewhere in a corner please.
Mother and son on their way to the water at Praia Tonel Sagres. ´End of the World.´ Epic shot by Massimo.
The moment dreams come reality. You still need to paddle hard. Pop up at the right moment and don´t forget to to smile. (pic by Massimo.)
Guess the smile can be later too. Super stoked surf girl after surf.

What´s your best session?

It is kind of a tradition I took over from my parents: They would ask in the end of our holidays ´What was the nicest thing we did?´- Kind of reflecting on the amazing time we had together. I also ask this to my guests after a few days together. It is amazing that good surfs and good waves don´t always seem to go hand in hand. Sometimes someone is just really ´in the zone´ on a mediocre day. And this day sticks as being their best session. (And that again proves you do not need epic waves for an epic surf.) This time was different. The best surf was indeed also the day with probably the best conditions.

This wave is just perfect, and he is also surfing it perfect. It really reflects our week like a good picture does: Tells more than a thousand words. Sunshine, beautiful nature, empty line-ups, super good waves and just Surf!
Here is the rider from the wave in the picture above. All reason for that big shaka bro! Sea you next time!
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