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Big waves for breakfast, small waves for lunch, fish for dinner. Algarve has everything.


The right waves for your surf level

When you dream of surfing I bet you dream of a green almond shape barrelling wave that you see over and over again in the (surf) media. Or maybe that is just my Instagram? One thing is for sure. The waves we dream of and the waves we actually surf are usually a little bit different. The times I get a barrel is somehow almost always a dramatic frightening moment. Nothing lush blue, sacred moment. More dark blue, sandy, noisy and above all: Scary. The pro in the photo on our Instagram is one of the best in the world. Making the most difficult thing Look very relaxing. But even for them a barrel is and stays a scary intens situation. This blog covers small waves, big waves, (for breakfast and lunch.) and some fish for dinner. Surfguide Algarve has everything.

Miss surfguide algarve is very clear about the size of her dreamwave. It needs to be small and peeling nicely. Favorite board: Foamy. Not because she can´t surf smaller boards or bigger waves but just because this is for her the most fun. She catches a milion waves in an hour, why not?
miss surfguide algarve greeted by our little guard Piri the surfdog.
And if mama is surfing, that means we stay on the beach.

Time for some more adrenaline

Small waves, all fun and games. But it is october and it is time for some more adrenaline.

Our guest (above in the pictures.) likes a little bit of action. While we surf the swell that is promised arrives and we get some serious nice bigger waves. Mr. Surfguide Algarve gets a few more before the sea really gets to wild.

excuses for the bad quality of the picture. But the wave is from very high quality do 🙂
This spot handles a little bit more swell. The only disadvantage is that it gets very quick very busy. Zavial point break a few days ago.

After surf

Let´s go for a coffee? Or you got other stuff going on?
If the tide and waves allow it (and it fits in the rest of the family business) Spearfishing is amazing. Of course its epic to bring home your own catched fish. But the whole underwater experience is really nice too. A fantastic thing to do next to surfing.

thank god there´s sardines.
At least they are less creepy than octopus.
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