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Sharing the stoke in mini waves with two Dutch surfers in Meia Praia Lagos


Sharing the stoke

That is what the Surfguiding is all about. A solo surf session is good, but sharing it with a likeminded person is better. Even more so if this other person is your partner. Today’s story is shared with a super nice Dutch couple that keeps coming back to the Portuguese waves. They spending quite a bit of time in the good waves but on every trip comes an end. Also this one. Their last surf day the surf conditions look pretty horrible. They want to go anyway even if it’s shitty waves. We can of course not refuse the request, so off we go. We find super fun offshore mini waves at Meia Praia in Lagos. The waves might be small but the stoke is big!

Perfect small waves, not a single sole in sight. Let’s go!!!

Dutch stoke

If you are a surfer from the Netherlands you learn to appreciate waves in a different matter. Open ground swell happens only a few times a year when there is a north swell pushing waves from norway erea. The rest of the year the dutchies have to make due with what we call ‘windswell’. This often creates super fun conditions if you know where to go. And there’s a super pro who tells all Hollannd surfers where to go quite exactly. A dutch surfer won’t ever say no to a wave, no matter the size or conditions. And if it’s their last day on the trip:

Small wave, big fun. Private surfguide session in Meia Praia Lagos.
When most others are looking scared out their windows because there are wet molecules falling out of the sky. We are getting changed on an empty carpark. Surfguide Algarve, also when it rains.
Very similar conditions to what Scheveningen often provides. With the big difference that the surf-lady on the picture is together with her boyfriend and the surfguide the only person in the line-up…
so romantic, I love the Dutch.
There is one more advantage about the rain in the Algarve.
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